• Дата: сен 2016

Новый кайт Trigger G9 от Blade - казалось бы, и G8 был настолько удачен, что куда уж лучше. Но кайт фирма Blade  снова не устает удевлять кайт общественность. В Триггере 2017 года использована абсолютно новая ткань в два раза более прочная и долговечная. Угол хождения на ветер стал еще острее (особенно актуально для гидрофойлов). Прыжки на новом кайте стали намного выше, еще легче освоить новые трюки, вращения, гребы, рейли, деад мен. При этом кайт сохранил высокую стабильность в полете. Так же завявлен и еще больщий дипауэр. Оригинал статьи взят с сайта - http://www.nolimitsports.se/produkt/blade-trigger-9-gen-2017/

Данная модель доступна для предзаказа, как всегда, для наших учеников и постоянных членов клуба - спец предложения.

Blade Trigger 9 gen 2017

The immensely popular Trigger has been widely acclaimed for almost a decade, and rightly so. With massive hang time, remarkable agility and pinpoint responsiveness, the Trigger goes far and beyond what you might expect from your average all-around kite. As if it wasn’t enough, this year we made the Trigger even more exciting by moving it closer to the window’s edge, meaning you can jump higher than ever, loop, spin, grab and still enjoy maximum stability while doing it. Don’t just go for your usual tricks, though. Our all new double-strength cross-fiber canopy encourages you to conquer those elusive high-complexity tricks without worrying about the kite wearing out. Whether you just started to ride or you’re a 15-year veteran, the Trigger is the perfect all-around kite to help you push yourself and reach new heights. Literally.

Designer’s notes

How does the new fabric affect the design of the Trigger?
The main difference between the new Cross Fiber Ripstop and the one used in previous generations is the ability to withstand stretching over time. The Cross Fiber fabric stretches about half as much, which allows us to design our kites with much more precision. Since we didn’t need to worry about the kite’s performance deteriorating due to extensive use, we concentrated on making much more radical designs for our kites, Trigger included.

Have you changed your designs since hydrofoiling has begun to pick up?
Definitely. Hydrofoils bring much steeper upwind angles into the game. This is one of the reasons we improved the upwind on the new Trigger, to work together with the angle of the foil instead of setting back the foil’s performance.

What is the difference between the 9th and 8th Gen Trigger?
The 8th Gen Trigger was sitting a bit back in the wind window, making it prone to back stalling. With the 9th Gen Trigger we made sure we improve the position of the kite in the window by meticulously fine tuning the bridles and maximizing the profiles.

The new Trigger is much more forward, providing better upwind, direct jumping and better depower.

Priser komplett med drake, väska, pump och bom



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