Что такое кайт, кайтсерфинг, кайтинг, кайтбординг?

Kitesurfing (also kiting or kiteboarding) is a relatively young and dynamically developing type of extreme sport. The essence of kitesurfing is to move on a board on a water surface due to the traction force of a kite - a kite. At the same time, an athlete (a rider, a kiter or a kite rider) controls the kite using a special strap, which is connected to the kite through two control lines. The rider himself is connected to the kite through the other two power lines, which are attached to a special device called a chicken loop, which allows you to fix the control mechanism of the kite on the rider's body and transmit traction from the kite to the board through a special belt - a harness on the body of the kiter.

What is the difference between the concepts of kiting, kitesurfing and kiteboarding?

It is believed that the broadest of all these concepts is kiting. Kiting is understood as kitesurfing and kiteboarding when a rider glides on the board on the water. Also included in this concept are such varieties of kiting as snowkiting, kite-driven riding in winter on snow-covered skiing or snowboarding, and landkiting, buggy riding on a flat hard surface. More details about snowboarding and landkiting can be found in a separate section of our site - Snowkiting

Kitesurfing is understood as kiting when a rider glides over the water on a board similar to a classic surfboard or variations of this board. As a rule, kitesurfing is called kiting on the surface of the water with waves.

Kiteboarding is understood as kiting when a rider glides on the water on a board similar to a wakeboard called twintip. Kiteboarding is a more universal and broader concept, and this concept is often used when it comes to kiting on the water surface.